Posted on 3rd June 2016

Our tubes are special.

Galvanized, they are highly corrosion resistant, while they look and feel good thanks to a laquer coating.

Our tubes are rare.

Our original supplier, one of only 6 worldwide, mothballed their UK mill in December 2015.

We found another supplier (in Holland), but  we don't have any history with them so could not negotiate a special arrangement.

Their Mimimum Order Quantitites (MOQs) are pretty high, but our frames are tall.

Our Tubes are Strong.

Our Frames are designed to be equally weak (strong) in both the Leg and the Crossbar.  To achieve this we need a thicker-gague (wall thickness) tube for the Crossbars, (the legs are the same.)

The MOQs for the Crossbar tubes would mean buying 10 years of stock, that was a problem that needed a solution.

Our Tubes are Hollow

Inside our tube it's not exposed to corrosion & no one is touching it or looking at it  -  inside the tube we have options.

Some of Our Tubes are double-skinned

So now we use the same rare galvanized laquered steel for both legs and crossbars, but we beef up the crossbars on the inside using easily available pre-galv (a light galvanization) & they are stronger than ever.


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