Donut Swing

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Donut Swing

Swing Frame Sold Seperately

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A soft-sided nest swing that is perfect for smaller children to play on and around clambering on and tumbling off.

The Donut swing can be hung in two ways, Open or Closed.

Open and you can get inside , surrounded by soft walls and unlikely to fall out  - though you do have to be rather small to fit entirely within.

Closed and it becomes a platform, which you can overlap.

Comes in a small box.

Very simple to assemble, you will need an air pump.

Uniquely this Brave Toy is imported - from Canada from the company that dominate the word of inflateable Snow tubes.

The point being that these tubes are not the sort of tube you tend to find in the UK, which would not survive at a Canadian Ski Slope, but the sort of tube that does, ie they are tough.

Want to hang me from a tree?