Double Delux Swing Set

Nautical Double Delux Nautical Skeleton Swing Nautical Detail Swing Frame Footprint Funhouse with Embroidered Pillow Funhouse Funhouse Detail

Double Delux Swing Set

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  • Flo-Coat Steel & Gorgeous Ropes

Set Includes:

  • Double Frame
  • Skeleton Swing & Skin
  • Frammock Swing & Pillow

Our Nautical Double Invisible Swing Frame is wearing invisible grey accessories, all of her rigging is British spun yachting rope the colour of a cappuccino. Her Nautical Frammock, with turquoise delight foam trim, is laced and netted in cappuccino (of course). Her Nautical Skeleton Swing make-up is 3 white bars and one red clutched by ocean blue seat ends.  And for the final touch, a Nautical Swing Pillow and Nautical Skeleton Skin.

Our Funhouse Double Cheeky Swing Frame is wearing red accessories and all of her ropes are harlequin blue and white.  Her Funhouse Frammock is edged in ocean blue foam and laced and netted in red.  Her Funhouse Skeleton Swing make-up is 3 white bars and one red held in place by red seat ends and covered in a Classic Skeleton Skin.  A Classical Swing Pillow is included for those who want to doze.

Make your mark!  Personalise your Frammock Pillow and Skeleton Skin.  Grass Green, Elephant Grey, Raspberry Pink, Jockey Red, Brave Orange or Daffodil Yellow would all look great on the stripes!