Slippy Slide

Slippy Slide Slippy Slide Slippy Slide

Slippy Slide

  • Flo-Coat Steel

WARNING - Because of their weight and height, adults and teenagers who dive onto the water slide may hit and abruptly stop in such a way that could cause permanent spinal cord injury, resulting in quadriplegia or paraplegia. The slider's forward momentum drives the body into the neck and compresses the spinal cord."

Max age is 12.

150cm wide and up to 25m long.

Extremely tough, dog-proof, no tears.

Includes 2 lengths of foam, which placed under the slide helps create puddles (one at the top and one at the bottom?)

Includes 2 pins to hold the top end securely.

Tell us how long you want it (order by the meter) and we will cut your slide to length - in one piece obvs - no one wants a 2 piece slide surely?

Or order a full 25m slide and get 5m free!

Tell us what colour you like it and we will do our best.

Note -There is a high shipping charge for this heavy item. 

Note - Very long lengths are hard to manage / clear up at the end of the day / summer.