Are you Fun or Subtle?

Swing Frames

The Fun choice is Cheeky - if you pick a Cheeky frame then all of the plastic details are red (the steel is still shiny grey).

The Subtle choice is Invisible - where the plastic, like the steel, is grey.

Swing Seats

The Fun choice is Funhouse - Funhouse swings have blue & white harlequin ropes. Funhouse nets are red, as are fabric and plastic details.

The Subtle choice is usually Nautical, with hemp coloured ropes and nets and blue plastic details. The Nautical fabric is blue & white stripe.

A Subtle derivative available on some seats is Modern, which replaces Nautical's blue plastic for Grey, and its Striped fabric for Blue.

Swing Sets

Truth is you are probably a bit of both and you can mix and match as much as you like, we gave the styles different names to encourage Cheeky-Nautical combinations, why not go for an Invisible-Funhouse set?

Stylish Swinging

Besides which some of our swings and all of our fabrics are available in other styles (Modern (white) and Classic (dark blue)).



With many Apologies to

McCartney and Wonder


Che-e-eky and Invisible

blobs together 

on galvanized steel tube

side by side and your 



rope choice