Better Swing Frames
Made in Britain


A Brave swing will sit proudly in your garden for many years delighting toddlers, vestibulating kids, hanging-out teens, tempting adults and surfing silvers, before doing it all over again.

All Brave swing frames are climbable, we use gorgeous ropes and galvanised steel. Our fabrics and foam are UV stabilised, nuts are covered, tools included and colours coordinated.  We think we have made a frame which looks great, maks no sound, and is packed throughout with play value.     

Brave swings themselves are varied and interesting to older children, who want to climb and hang and lie while they swing, and are strong enough for adults to relax on too. 

Moreover, we believe in stylish swinging.   A Brave swing is something to be admired from your kitchen window.  Our coordinated range of fabric accessories appeal to teenagers and adults, extending the life span of your swing.   We thought that if iPads can make gamers out of babies, we could make swingers out of you.

*British M.A.D.E. (Manufactured, Assembled, Designed & Envisioned) Brave work with British steel rollers, galvanisers and wrestlers; with British rope-makers, foam-extruders and injection moulders; with British seamstresses, embroiderers and net makers. Also the swing are packed in British made boxes with labels printed next door.


When you buy a Brave swing, you are getting a whole lot more than any other swing on the market. All of our swings come with the following quality and innovation throughout.

Flo-Coat Steel

Flo-Coat Steel 

Unlike paint, our rust prevention layer does not chip or flake. Unlike wood, our steel does not creak, groan, swell, crack or splinter.

Gorgeous Ropes

The "touchpoint" of every swing, our soft British spun yarns actually feel like rope, without the burn. 

Gorgeous Ropes

Climbable Frames

Our suspension points are child-friendly