About Brave Toys

Brave Toys has grown out of TFH - also a British toy manufacturer with: 30 years experience, 24 superb staff and thousands of happy customers all over the world. 

But Brave Toys is a brand new British brand dedicated to outdoor play.  

We are fighting** to preserve play time, while so many frames eagerly ring the bell.  It wouldn't be right to call them names, but we can be proud of our non-weedy frames, built to last and styled to appeal to teenagers (and adults).  

We are fighting to educate those parents who do want to buy a good quality swing frame, but insist that it be wooden, because it's natural or because it looks better.  

**play fighting. 

Who we are.

Tony Tidmarsh, accountant, inventor, author, gardener, philatelist, soldier, raconteur, (eccentric?), Sales Manager of TP toys for 15 years and those were the days.

And father of

     Peter Tidmarsh, who grew up during those 15 years appearing on boxes, picking up things here and there and quite possibly developing a passion for swings.

     And husband to

           Alison Tidmarsh, American revolutionary determined to bring style to strong steel tube.

And father-in-law of

    Eddy Holmes, who still (3 inventions and counting) sometimes describes himself as the accountant.

Dave Tassell recognised the potential of these ideas, bought a drill press and a tube bender and began to make things happen.

*Please note that because TFH designs and makes toys for people with special needs, prices on the TFH website do not include VAT.


Brave Toys have made every effort to make your swing as safe as possible. We expect you to use it, we expect you to use it with your children. We expect teenagers to use it, to gather in groups on it or swing like crazy on it and have designed accordingly.

However, it is only children up to the age of 14 that are covered by our complying with EN71, and even then only with fairly prescribed forms of play. You and your teenagers are expected to show some sense when using our weight-supporting activity toy.

Moreover, EN71 coverage also requires you to perform checks on the structure soon after installation and initial use, and to continue checking throughout the play season and at the begining of the next season. If such checking leads you to question or doubt the safety of your swing, please get in touch with us and together we will avoid injury.

Brave Toys swings are very strong and tend to deform before breaking, so we feel confident in asserting that, given the regime outlined above, older people can use them, but they are not unbreakable, they will deform and, if such warnings are ignored, will become a hazard.

Go Play Outside.