Weight Limit (Reprise)

Posted by Peter on 10th July 2018

What is the weight limit you continue to ask?

But the real question is - Why are you asking?

Not delivered by a leery lad - why are YOU asking?

but by an auburn-haired therapist in glasses - WHY are you asking?

You clearly have a concern,

is it about the safety of your family?

it is..?



Tell me about your mother.


Tell me about the father and tell me about the children.

Let's see if I am concerned about the safety of your family.


Group One (I am not concerned at all)

You a Mom, who wants to lie on a Frammock with your child.

You weigh somewhere near the national average weight (11 stone) that's 70kg.

Group Two (I have a concern)

You know that a man is going to have a "go"  By which he means he really wants to swing! on this thing.

He weighs about 13 stone (83kg).

We don't think he's going to make a habit of it.

   Tell him to stay away from the middle position of the treble frame.

Group Three (I am concerned, but this is our traditional market).

You have an autistic teenage child, who is putting on weight and swings for an hour every day. sometimes more.

   You should buy the single frame, unless you want a nest swing, in which case you can put it on a double on its own.


   You really must check for wear - A Rolls Royce needs new tyres


   Get in the habit of doing it every day! 

Group Four (I am exactly as concerned as you - its called "mirroring" and the auburn-haired therapist does it brilliantly)

You have a lot of kids coming over who can be crazy.

   This kind of thing happens every day, and our stuff seems to handle it.

   By all means try to restrict the wildest behaviour,

   Take it down if they wont obey you,

   You are responsible for the safety of those children while they are on your excellent property.