About Brave Toys

Brave is fighting* to preserve play time, while so many swing frames eagerly ring the bell. 
It wouldn't be right to call them names, but we can be proud of our non-weedy frames, built to last and styled to appeal to teenagers (and adults). 
Brave is fighting to educate parents who want to buy a wooden swing, because it's natural or because it looks better
Brave is fighting energetically, physically and exhilaratingly on the same side as mundane screen-time limits, for a fearless and strong next gen.
We are up for it, our kit lasts: Brave started in 2014, but we have been building swing frames since 1985 as TFH.
We know what we are doing: TFH designs and makes toys for people with special needs, we are informed by the work of Jean Ayres (who developed the fascinating concept of sensory integration), which might be summed up as - play is worth fighting for.
Brave is a family business based in Stourport, Worcestershire we buy local and don’t do discounts - we do answer the phone.  We put our trust completely in the capable hands of shipping companies with excellent track records and then you put it together.
We have swallowed the relevant safety standards, but we design for people with special needs (which according to those standards is anyone over 14) so we use much stronger materials than those standard require, which has the happy benefit of allowing you to get on our swings with your children.
*Play Fighting
That's enough about us - what do you want from your garden?septswings0082-2.jpg
Grandfather and founder Tony T: Accountant; Inventor; Author; Gardener; Soldier; Eccentric(?) sales manager of TP toys for 15 years and those were the days. I grew up appearing on boxes, picking up things here and there and quite possibly developing a passion for swings.