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Have a question? Check out our Brave Buyers Guide or e-mail us at *Please be aware, our offices are closed weekends and public holidays.

Brave Toys
6 Severnside Business Park
Stourport on Severn
DY13 9HT


Q: Are you still open for delivery? How will COVID-19 affect my order?
We are open (busy) and taking orders. Mostly Shipping next day, expect it in a few days. You will receive an email as soon as your order has been shipped.

Q: What are your delivery costs?
Our standard delivery charge for large items like swing frames shipped within the Mainland UK is £25. Some smaller items will be shipped for less than this. Delivery to Non-Mainland UK & Europe is currently (Jan2021) unavailable as Brexit beds in.

Q: I have an issue with my order!
Please send an email with your order number, contact details, and any pictures that may help to

Q: How can I update my order?
A: Please email us at as soon as possible.

Q: Is there an age limit for your frames?
 Our swings/frames are very sturdy and designed for both adults and children to enjoy. Visit our Brave Buyers Guide for more information on Weight Limits.

Q: Can I customise my swing frame?
 The best way to customise your frame is to use our configuration tool to 'Design Your Own' set. This will give you a 3D model for reference that you can add directly to your basket. Our swings also come with easy release clips so you can swap and change swings as you please. 

Q: Can I use other swings with your frames?
 Probably. Our suspension points have openable links that will accept looped ropes.

Q: How does your Cliffhanger extension work?
You do need the Cliffhanger to attach the Scrambler or Lilypad extensions. Our Cliffhanger does not fit other frames.

Q: How do I secure my swing?
Frames include 4 serious ground stakes, that hammer in quickly. Visit our Brave Buyers Guide for more information about Concreting In.

Q: How much room do I need for a Brave Swing Frame?
: See here Brave Buyers Guide  Activity Toys should have 2m of clear space all around: Safety.

Q:How do I hang my swing from a tree? 
Hanging your swing from a tree couldn't be easier. Our Rope Kit includes everything you need. We also have some advice on how best to hang your swing!

Q: What is 'pre-order' and when will my order ship?
We occasionally have a 'pre-order' option when we are running low on stock. If you are happy to wait until the new stock arrives you can have a discount*, which diminishes as the new stock gets closer. 

*While this contravenes our no-discount rule, we can get away with it because it leaves the stock (at normal price) available for people desperate to hit a birthday (for example).