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Have a question? Check out our Brave Buyers Guide or e-mail us at *Please be aware, our offices are closed weekends and public holidays.

Brave Toys
 6 Severnside Business Park
 Stourport on Severn
 DY13 9HT

What is the difference between Cheeky, Invisible, Modern, Funhouse & Nautical
What are your delivery costs?
Shipping (within the Mainland UK) is Free. Delivery to Non-Mainland UK & Europe is currently unavailable as Brexit beds in.

I have an issue with my order!
Please send an email with your order number, contact details, and any pictures that may help to
How can I update my order?
Please email us at as soon as possible.
What is 'pre-order' and when will my order ship?
We occasionally have a 'pre-order' option when we are running low on stock. If you are happy to wait until the new stock arrives you can have a discount*, which diminishes as the new stock gets closer. 
*While this contravenes our no-discount rule, we can get away with it because it leaves the stock (at normal price) available for people desperate to hit a birthday. 
Can I customise my swing frame?
Our swings also come with easy release clips so you can swap and change swings as you please.

Is there an age limit for your frames?
Our swings/frames are very sturdy and designed for both adults and children to enjoy. Visit our Brave Buyers Guide for more information on Weight Limits.
Can I use other swings with your frames?
Probably. Our suspension points have openable links that will accept looped ropes.
How does your Cliffhanger extension work?
You do need the Cliffhanger to attach the Scrambler or Lilypad extensions. Our Cliffhanger does not fit other frames.
How do I secure my swing?
Frames include 4 serious ground stakes, that hammer in quickly. Visit our Brave Buyers Guide for more information about Concreting In.

How much room do I need for a Brave Swing Frame?
See our Brave Buyers Guide.  Activity Toys should have 2m of clear space all around: Safety.

How do I hang my swing from a tree?
Hanging your swing from a tree couldn't be easier. Our Rope Kit includes everything you need. We also have some advice on how best to hang your swing!