Concreting in

Posted by Peter on 19th June 2014

Brave swings are pretty stable, the footprint to height ratio is 1.1:1 and we include 4 twisted stakes that push easily into your lawn - but they can be tipped.

There is no doubt that a swing frame which cannot tip over is a very exciting swing frame indeed.

Here at Brave we approve of good swings, we actively encourage swingers.

You would think then that we would fully back our instructions which require you to concrete-in our stakes. Particularly as it is not that difficult: Pre-mixed bags require just water and 10 minutes, the hole you dig is little more than a spade.

However while we are required to add the requirement we are not convinced that the requirement should be required.

The counter-argument runs along these lines.

1. A lot of people do not want to concrete-in their swing frames 

But swinging is a safe and exhilarating activity, we should encourage more of it.

2. An un-tippable swing frame might lead to dangerous swinging

A swing frame that can be tipped might actually be safer, since most riders will restrict their swinging when they feel a leg begin to lift.

3. Are the regulations well-thought through?

Frames sold with instructions requiring concrete are exempt from the stability test.

The stability test ignores ground anchors/stakes.


Our preference is that you observe your children  - playing on our swing frame  - staked into your soil - before deciding whether to concrete-in the frame.