Buyers Guide

Why Choose Metal - A swing frame is a machine, not a sculpture

Weight Limits – Brave Swings & Frames are almost certainly strong enough for your family.

Stability – Brave Swing Frames are inherently stable, and include 4 ground stakes.

Safety Area – All Brave Swing Frames require about 6.5m in the direction of swing.

Construction – You CAN build a Brave Frame, in about 2 hours, our machined parts fit beautifully. Video.

Maintenance – Keep a responsible eye on weight-bearing moving parts.

Flexibility – It’s very easy to swap Swings on a Brave Swing Frame, a few combinations don’t work – Configurator.

Durability – Galvanised steel: think decades, think oil-rigs.

Play value – Let the kids think oil-rigs too if they like, as they swarm all over it.

Stock – We usually keep everything in stock, occasional gaps are highlighted on product pages

Delivery – Shipping is free, and takes about 2-3 days.

Ethics – If child labour does get involved it is specifically contrary to our assembly instructions.

Compatibility – Brave swings will fit your frame and vice versa, you may want these, or this.

Adjustability - Brave Swing ropes are.

British Made - Brave buys local, we are a British family-owned firm.