Bearing Bar - Build your own frame

Our Ref #: 8FTSB
£85.00 exc. VAT


The suspension points are the most technical part of a Swing Frame.

To those in the know they are the most sexy part too: if the frame is tall dark and handsome & the swing brings the glamour, it's the pivot where the page falls open.

Yet strangely it's often overlooked in the excitement of a DIY swing project.

This Bearing Bar can be screwed (or bolted) to wooden crossbars (or ceiling joists) and completes the business, providing 3 bearing points for a single swing bay.

(Most swings will use the outer two points. Single roped swings like a monkey swing will use the central point).

Points are spaced at 45cm, Bar length is 1m.

Screws not included (they are site specific).