Posted by Peter on 13th June 2017

Part of the attraction of a Brave Swing frame is that it is a low-maintenance addition to your life.

But you do need to keep an eye on it.

Its very strength encourages older children to do crazy stuff, nuts work loose, moving parts wear away.

Just because it's unlikely does not mean it won't happen. 

You are putting a large machine in the hands of your children.

Keep an eye on it.  

Be prepared to put it out of action if you deem it dangerous.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to look (and listen for) for.

Are the nuts tight? (Is it clicking)?

Have any of the weight-bearing moving parts deteriorated? 

Our swings have been used extensively (obsessively) by some adults, they do wear out quickly in such circumstances, they might last for decades, you are responsible for checking.


Photo by Yang Liu on Unsplash