Safety Area

Posted by Peter on 17th March 2016

EN71 recommends that a 2m space all around an activity toy should be clear - no fences, washing lines or hottubs*.  

Certainly it is easy to imagine such immoveable objects badly affecting children with momentum, and we are purveyors of momentum.

Our swings are 2.45m "deep" by which we mean perpendicular to the crossbar ie the direction of travel when your child leaps from the swing at its highest point and lands in a stumbling run.

Please do give them 2m to regain control.**

Side-to-side our frames differ in "width" and while we want your children to climb on them and jump from them, we can't actually boost or fling them in that direction, we simply dont have the whip. 

                  Width               +Safety area

Single      2.26m                  = 6.26m

Double    3.18m                  = 7.18m

Treble      3.76m                 = 7.76m


EN71 compromises simplicity for subtlety and space.


* no flowerbeds neither, nothing, but flat safety surfaces (like a lawn).

** Therefore applying EN71 to our frames mean you need  2 + 2 + 2.45 = 6.45m in the direction of swing