Weight Limits

Posted by Peter on 26th June 2014

Brave Swings are Strong - Strong Enough?

Our Single frame exceeds the standards by over 300%. However there are no standards for Adults.

(because adults vary exceedingly).

OK, so why don't we just tell you how strong they are - "what is the weight limit?" you ask.... Well,

Weight limits on swing frames are difficult to express.

Because on a swing your “weight” varies. 

A good swing (60 degrees) will double your effective weight while swinging to 90 degrees might treble it.

So A frame with a "45 stone limit" can be broken by a 15 stone man

Also a Crossbar is weakest in the middle.

So when you ask, "What is the weight limit?" I reply, "Where you are hanging and how high will you swing?"

Testing will not replicate your scenario.

All tests are carried out with static weight.

If you repeatedly swing near the limit you may go over the limit.

You have to use your judgement.

Everything has its limit.

As a teenager or adult you are expected to use our equipment only after consideration.


While "adults" may safely use our equipment...

a 15 stone adult swinging to 60 degrees in the middle of a treble frame would not be behaving like an adult.

In other words adults using our equipment may risk damaging it, themselves and others,

but as an adult you know this.

EN71 requirements (EN71 covers children to 14)

Static Weight Testing

EN71 Requires    Brave Bends at 

most unfavourable position    

Brave Treble       200kg              230kg.

Brave Double      200kg              510kg.

Brave Single       200kg              620kg.

Spread across Crossbar        

Brave Treble       400kg              500kg.

Brave Double      350kg             620kg.

Brave Single      200kg             620kg.

Double Swing loaded with 620kg (1,366 lbs or 97.6 stone) spread across the bar.

When we removed the weight the crossbar failed to fully straighten.

620kg then is the Double Swing Frame limit.

Though it does not represent a catastrophic failure.