Posted by Peter on 4th October 2017

You can build a safe swing set yourself from raw materials or multiple suppliers, most of the difficulties are obvious.

However please consider that swinging is rotating, with leverage.

The suspension point is where the rotation happens.

Where the rotation happens 2 things are rubbing against each other.

How long a suspension point lasts depends on how the two materials rub along.

Rope on metal is very very bad.

Aluminium on steel is very very bad

Aluminium on Aluminium is bad

Steel on Steel is remarkably bad.

You should ensure that your swing does not have those sorts of suspension points.

For example, don't put a steel eyebolt through a bar and hang our seat (rope on metal) or join them with an Easy release clip (steel on steel).

Eyebolts with bushed carabinas are available and our Bearing Bar might be right for your poject.

Most (all?) commercial swing frames will have a layer of very hard "nylon" plastic between two steel parts.  This plastic "bushing" rubs along very well with steel.

Check that that bushed part remains when you replace the seat. 


Photo by KT on Unsplash