Posted by Peter on 26th June 2023

Brave has 5 styles. 2 for Frames - Cheeky and Invisible, and 3 for Swings - Nautical, Funhouse and Modern.

Cheeky Frames have red details,

Invisible Frames have grey details.

Nautical Swings are all cappuchino, while

Funhouse have red Nets, Cords and Bungees, and blue&white Ropes.

Trapeze Bars, Skeleton, Organic Skeleton, Hipster swings:

Funhouse have red ends, blue & white ropes.

Nautical have grey ends, cappuchino ropes

Modern have green/blue ends and cappuchino ropes.

WHY do we have styles rather than Colours?

Because we don't want you necessarily match Funhouse with Cheeky,

Which you would if we said they were both red, which they are.