How to hang a Swing from a tree - from a Swing expert

Posted by Peter on 1st May 2014

You should hang a tree swing!

Don't be put off by daunting advice offered online (by tree experts).

Tree swings are the best type of swing by far - the high suspension point means you swing further, faster and in a gentler orbit.

To Hang a Tree swing - (from a swing expert)

1. Throw the rope over the branch.

2. Tie a bowline or other good slip knot.

3. Feed the other end through and pull the knot up to the branch tightly.

4. Throw the rope back over the branch (most important).

Because of 4. There is no rope-on-rop rubbing, no rope-on-tree rubbing, just the rope "opening and closing" around the branch.

5. Attach swing - Our Monkey swing?

Of course, pick a suitable branch & use polyester rope, which comes in a multitude of colours including manilla/hemp.

Of course, the health of the branch is critical so continue to observe that it is healthy.

For (much) more sensible advice about hanging a tree swing go here

As for the health of the branch, it is not impossible that it will be able to slip the slip knot open as it grows (a good thing).


Typical advice online - How to hang a tree swing - from a tree expert. (Who may not actually want you to hang a tree swing).

            You will need: a very long ladder, long eyebolts, a drill with a very long drill-bit and carabinas.

             Then it's up the ladder you go, drill all the way through the thick branch, install the eyebolts, & attach the swing via the carabina.

The problem is that as well as being time-consuming (you have to go buy gear) and daunting/dangerous (you have to climb a ladder & operate a ludicrously long drill at height) it also makes a terrible swing.

Beacuse carabina on eyebolt is a "metal-on-metal suspension point".

No one sells a swing with a  "metal-on-metal suspension point".  Even the cheapest 4' high swing frame has a "bushed" suspension point.

After 30 years in the activity toy trade, I find it incredible that you are advised to scale ladders & operate drills to create a metal-on-metal suspension point at considerable height.

So much so that I wonder whether the tree experts want you to hang a tree swing at all!

And while you can check on the health of a branch by observing it from a distance, the same is not true of the metal-on-metal suspension point.