More Shipping

Posted by Peter on 4th July 2018

This island of ours is a remarkable place.

You can order stuff and be certain* that it will arrive.

We can receive your order, prepare it and be certain* that someone will come and pick it up.

We can be certain* that they will take all of the stuff they pick up and take it to a depot.

Certain* that there it will be assigned another depot, which it will reach that night.

That overnight computers are calculating routes for trustworthy drivers to follow when they certainly* show up for work tomorrow.

We can all be certain* that they will deliver that stuff to you and others in your neighbourhood that very day.

* not guaranteed.

Think of it like a sailing race, with highly trained crews operating sleek boats.

You - dear customer - are like the wind.

(A wild frightening element, adding massive unpredictability.)

We would like to tell you exactly when your stuff would arrive, and then you could be there to meet it, and we can be certain that you would.

But what about your neighbour? Might they be on the school run?

Now the crew have to go about, which the computer didn't anticipate, and suddenly Bond is loose in this elaborate metaphor.

So when we ship we let you know when, roughly, hopefully* your goods will arrive.


Photo by Sensei Minimal on Unsplash