2020 - all change

Posted by Peter on 7th April 2020

23/03 Non essential Brave Swings are ideal during this awful time.

We continue to put them on trucks, who continue to deliver them until lockdown or illness or the all-clear.

Most of our team are WFH, but we have a skeleton office presence and our warehouse is fully staffed.


Skeleton Office team are now full-time warehouse skeleton team.

Record day. (beating yesterday's record).

Michael Gove says quite clearly that Toys should continue to ship on Radio4.


Business is Brisk  (up 100%), but we are only about a day behind, feeling like a start-up again.


Office/Warehouse team getting pretty slick now, perhaps getting fitter too.


We are a well-oiled machine, firing on all cylinders - running at about 4x normal speed


Disaster! our steel has not been rolled - and the mill is shut for a month


New supply from a new supplier (amazing) is going out.


Living hand-to-mouth, the steel goes out as soon as it comes in.


Its all gone.  Next batch arrives in late September