Knobbly Leg Instructions

Posted by Peter on 6th February 2021

I guess few people read these, and the liklihood that the people who need to read this one is almost zero.

If you received a Knobbly Leg this week then you need to follow this instruction...

**Dont hide the Star when you attach the bracket.**

There is a Star etched into the top end of the new (and improved) Knobbly Leg, that star should be visible after you attach the bracket.

Keeping it visible means that at the other end (of the leg) the slots will be ready.

(When it's built you are going to hammer a stake through those slots a la vampire hunter.)

And if you ignored the Star altogether you have a 50:50 chance of discovering the vampire awake - 

Disaster, now you have to undo the sidestay, and spin the knobbly leg around (so the Star is visible) which in turn means undoing 2 more bolts and then redoing them (and the sidestay).

If you do happen to have had this disaster and are trying to contact us hammer in hand bemused by the illogical placement of the slots - then there is a chance I suppose that you will come to our site and check for updates here, for the rest of you MWHA HA HA HA.

(Of course I will monitor our Facebook page obsessively all weekend and on Monday I will access the system and find their contact details and contact them, we are not actually evil undead monsters, whatever trustpilot says.)

(Cropped) Photo by Eileen Pan on Unsplash