Swinging again

Posted on 21st May 2018

Brave has been hanging out with Artists recently.

We knew that swinging is good, but have been selling it short.

It is possible to argue that the great artistic works,

those things that uplift, transport and enlighten, are all,

every one of them,

about swinging.

Not actually "about" swinging, (obviously)

its more that the apex swing moment


(as your velocity comes to a stop at the top and full of potential you first begin to fall)


is what art is striving for.

   To make the argument we must first establish that swinging is central to the human experience.

   (Easily done)

   We came down from the trees. 

   Where we swung.

    So babies are born with just 2 instincts,

    the fear of falling (and the desire to suck).


That moment (see above) triggers our earliest feeling of fear, leaving us receptive:

How did it feel when energy became matter, when life began, putting out your first zygotic feeler or letting in mitochondria?

Then fear's lovely replacement by safety and of movement and all the possibilities that that progress enables, how did your heart feel when first it beat, when you kissed the girl, when you lost?

These are places that Artists struggle to get you to, and that swings answer.

You have to fall.

Do we capture that most delicious moment at every oscillation?

Or is the feeling elusive and ever-diminishing:

requiring us to go higher, higher! - is swinging then the gateway thrill,

not preparing us for love (and loss), but responsible for excess, destruction!

Here at last Brave can answer the artist, for

if every drop is less delicious,

then even as your brain acknowledged this fact it also began to develop balance.

Every swoop sloshed fluid through the semi-circular canals and their attendant cilia in your vestibular sensory organ,

and lit up that part of your brain responsible for balance.

That brain bit also balances all your sensory input,

so is responsible for the clever sensory juggling you do to block out the computer's hum & the lable's itch and focus on this,

which is why Sensory Integration therapy works,

and why Brave bought the interesting swings the therapists invented

to the mainstream market.

So swinging not only feeds our yin, but develops our yang (or the other way round)

because it is flight, but develops maturity, and

You must be brave AND balanced.

Now, go play outside.


Photo by Deva Darshan on Unsplash

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