The Perfect Customer

Posted by Peter on 23rd February 2015

Today I had a call from the perfect customer.

She had driven to a couple of places to look at swings, but felt that she was simply going to waste £150.

She was sure that there had to be something better.

She set about finding it (us) online.

She found us online (we were not at the top of the list).

And as soon as she found us, she knew she found the perfect swing set.

She enjoyed the process, picked a Nautcal Double Swing Set, but substituted a Classic Skeleton Swing, and sounded amazed that we could ship that day (today).

She might even get it tomorrow (the next day).

Hearing her story made my day.  We have worked hard to bring our top quality, beautiful, British made swings to market. 

We know that we can't hope to sit at the top of a search and rely on people digging a little deeper, and expecting a lot more.

It was a delight to hear from a customer who had done just that.

We like to think that everyone who finds us feels similarly.

Any one else want to make my day...?  (01299 827820 & tell us your story)