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OUT OF STOCK Aerialist Frame

  • Flo-Coat Steel

*We have again sold out of these and aren't processing orders or pre-orders. Sorry everyone! NEW STOCK EXPECTED 1ST AUGUST. Send us your email address to be added to our waitlist and you will be notified as soon as we have more.*

For the most brave of Brave people and in reply to your demands, we will soon have A-Frames reaching skyward to over 3.1m. These are designed for people who are Aerialists and enjoy Aerial Yoga using either a hoop, sling or silks.

The crossbar is 2.1m wide to give extra space for exercises. Also included are two suspension points we call Polo Brackets (you'll see why during assembly) that can be arranged in the centre or equally spaced depending on your routine's requirements.

There is no need to use weights to stabilise the frame either. We include ground stakes that simply pass through the frame into the ground when used outside.

The frame is made from steel tubes that are coated to resist corosion for years outside. Additionally, the single piece legs provide more rigidity than sectional legs but with just the right amount of 'flex' to make exercises comfortable. The fittings we supply will be red rather than grey as in the photographs.

We DO NOT suggest that you use this frame for 'drops' and similar moves that shock-load the crossbar. We are looking at developing a different (taller) frame for this type of use.

We can supply feet to allow the frame to be placed indoors.

Width of footprint: 370cm

Depth of footprint 330cm

Height of Crossbar 313cm

Maximum User Weight 100kg

Number of users, 1. (Aerial Hoop not included.)

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