Aerialist Yoga Frame



£360.00 (exc. VAT)

Includes 2 adjustable suspension points, does not include a Hoop.

Very strong and very tall and very stable.

Tall enough? 
3.13m  The Crossbar is 2.1m wide, the footprint is 3.7 x 3.3m (stable).

Strong enough? 
Our Tube is 50mm (2”) dia.  The tube walls are 1.8mm thick.  The legs are in one piece.  The Sidestays are made of 1” dia tube.  The Frame is very strong.

Under test, the Brave Aerial Yoga Frame began to deform after 800kgs static weight was added. 
This Minimum Breaking Load of 800kgs gives a Working Load Limit of 160kgs.

The implication of this is that a user weighing 160kgs could expect to safely perform a limited range of movements on our frame.
However, a user of 100kgs should still exercise caution because...
A mass falling 1.25m has a momentum of 5 times its weight, after 1.83m its momentum is 6 times its weight, after 2.5m its momentum is 7 times its weight.

Gravity is acceleration (man).

Very Resilient and simple to build

The Brave Aerial Yoga Frame is fully galvanized and lacquered, it will last for many many years outside, it takes about an hour to build.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 370 x 330 x 313cm