Nest Swing Seat

Our Ref #: B4NSF

style What does this mean?


Nest swings are coming to gardens near you, but you should pick the Brave one.

And not just because of its gorgeous organic patterns or that it comes as part of a colour coordinated range.  Our Nest swing is also particularly comfy, because it's elasticated and of course all the components are British-made and of excellent quality, furthermore if you choose to use your own children to assemble it, it doesn't count as child labour.

Comes in one box, record assembly in 5 minutes, no tools required.

100cm Diameter, rope length = 185cm (adjustable)

Nuts & Bolts? - nope.

All Brave ropes are adjustable and therefore have a loop at the top.  Brave frames include the necessary openable clip to attach a swing.  If you want to attach to another form of suspension you may want to purchase an Easy Release Clip.

See me build one.