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    Set Includes:

    • Fireman's Pole
    • Base
    • Rope Ladder

    The Cliffhanger is the ultimate extension.  

    Please note the Cliffhanger Slide and Knobbly Leg (highly recommended optional extras) are not included in this price.

    The Cliffhanger seems to float bravely in space with no visible means of support.  

    The Cliffhanger's comfy base is accessed by a Rope Ladder - quick exits via the Fireman’s Pole.

    Brave Rope Ladders can be set up in three different ways: pegged down conveniently, pegged down inconveniently, or free-swinging. A 2 year old might climb the first, 6 years later they will struggle up the latter ladder. (We include the pegs).

    Base Height 1.4m

    Fits existing Brave Frames - FRAME NOT INCLUDED


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