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The Cliffhanger is the ultimate extension.  
The Cliffhanger seems to float bravely in space with no visible means of support.  
The Cliffhanger's comfy base is accessed by a Rope Ladder - quick exits via the Fireman’s Pole.

Brave Rope Ladders can be set up in three different ways: pegged down conveniently, pegged down inconveniently, or free-swinging. A 2 year old might climb the first, 6 years later they will struggle up the latter ladder. (We include the pegs).
Base Height 1.4m

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Vince B.Verified Buyer.
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Reviewed on 07/11/23
This made for a really useful addition to the swing I had bought a couple of years beforehand. We had moved house just before Christmas and the child was decidedly unimpressed at the move. The swing had spent the winter disassembled and open to the elements and the whole thing was assembled easily and the swing looked as new as the Cliffhanger addition. It went down very well and has since had kids climbing all over it. L really like the philosophy that the apparatus can be used in lots of different ways and is strong enough to take kids of all ages. The fact that I do not find myself shouting 'don't use it like that', 'sit on it properly', etc. has meant that it has been used long after something cheaper would have been outgrown and discarded. The rope attachments have also stood up well to the weather. Well worth the money and I am glad I found the company at the start of lockdown, when all the conventional log type swings had sold out. Improvements? An attachment that allowed for a lower bar that could be more easily spun around would probably have added even more value in this gymnastics absessed household. Possibly a cargo net and a range of slides that could drop into a paddling pool.