Double Swing Frame

Our Ref #: B002K

style What does this mean?


Our Double Swing Frame generally fits 2 of our individual swings. The exception being the Nest swing, which fills it.

Brave Swing Frames are designed to be climbed on, if you think yours will be then add a Knobbly Leg, or immerse yourself in the Cliffhanger.

Made from 1.2mm thick, 2" dia Galvanised steel, with a smooth Flocoat lacquer.

Includes 4 long ground stakes

Assembly - We have made things pretty simple. 20 identical bolts and washers into 16 identical nuts means less faffing about.  The Nuts sit in clever "Blobs" so they are hard to lose and you only need to hold one tool as you do them up (and we include the tool).  Steel tube is easy to handle and is machined exactly so no near misses or forcing required.
A socket set will speed things up further.

Dimensions - 3.18m Wide, 2.45m Deep and 2.28m Tall
Weight Limit