Greatest Grandparent Set

Our Ref #: BL7GGN

style What does this mean?


Look no further, this is the swing you* are looking for.

You sit on the Hipster swing, and your grandchild sits in the Grand Panjandrum toddler seat.

It's easy to put them in and get them out because there are no front ropes for them to grab, or to get in your way.

They are wonderfully comfy, and it won't tip because there are only 2 ropes.

Panjandrums come in 2 colours, white & blue stripe is Nautical, Red is Funhouse.

Your Hipster seat is padded and strong.

Now swing, and as you swing the Swung Bar causes your grandchild to swing.  It's physics, but it feels like magic, and it is a lovely thing to share with a child.

There is a technique to it, you want to stay just "ahead" of them, so fairly often you will put your feet down straight in front of you poised and ready to go as they go on, and almost catch you up, then off you go again.

It works just as well with you facing them, and actually, that is even better.

The Grand Panjandrum will take them up to age 4 at a push, then you might want to think about replacing it - if  you go for a Frammock or a Nest you can climb on together.

* If you are a grandparent looking for a swing frame that will look well in the garden.