Toddler Swing Seat

Our Ref #: B2TDN

Style What does this mean?


Baby rides in style.

Our Grand Panjandrum has 2 ropes while most so-called "toddler swings" go about on all fours.

2 ropes are better than 4 because it means it's impossible to tip.

And loading a toddler into our swing is easy no matter how many prehensile appendages a toddler brings to bear, there are no ropes for them to grab.

And unloading a toddler from our swing is easy too, you don't have to work out where your arms are meant to go.

And Brave toddlers sit comfortably on a breathable, waterproof, fabric seat.

The Grand Panjandrum Swing comes in one small box.  You will assemble it in 5 minutes

Available in Nautical Blue & White Stripe only, you can also give it a name with our pretty embroidery. 

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