Single Swing Set

Single Swing Set Funhouse Single Swing Set Brave Nautical Single Swing Set Nautical Detail Funhouse Detail Modern Swing Detail Funhouse Set with its 'Cheeky Frame' Swing Frame Footprint Nautical and Modern Set's 'Invisible Frame'

Single Swing Set

  • Flo-Coat Steel & Gorgeous Ropes

Set Includes:

  • Single Frame
  • Skeleton Swing

This swing looks fabulous and its Super glide technology makes swinging smooth and easy.  It’s swinging, but better than you ever imagined.

While this set is simple, it can be added to, and adapted, and all of our swings fit easily on the frame.

Three colour combinations are available:

Classic - Invisible Single Frame with a cool grey Skeleton Swing and cappuccino ropes

Nautical - Invisible Single Frame with a beautiful ocean blue Skeleton Swing and cappuccino rope

Funhouse - Cheeky Single Frame with a Funhouse Skeleton Swing and blue and white harlequin ropes

Suggested Accessories:
Add a Personalised Skeleton Skin to make a truly unique gift.