Tree Swing Rope Kit

Our Ref #: B1U10

style What does this mean?


Our clever kit includes everything you need to prepare your tree swing and our gorgeous Nautical rope is perfect: soft to the touch; looks like hemp; is actually multi-filament polyester (so it will not rot).

First estimate how high your branch is  (10' is 3m, 5' is 1.5m) and choose that length*

Then decide what sort of swing to hang to order the right Quantity…

For example, a Monkey Swing needs one kit a Nest swing needs two.

(most swings need 2 kits.)

*We have done the maths...

Our Kit is designed to create a hanging point in space about 2m in the air - from which you can hang one of our swings (which are designed to hang from our 2.3m frames).

So - If you are not buying a seat from us, you should order the next size up.